About Us

To all my friends there are many sites who focus on controversial topics such as The Illuminati, or Aliens, specific government conspiracies, or the lunar landing controversy, each with a specialty in what they do. What you will find on this site is something for the person who doesn’t have the time or dedication to dive into those websites and disseminate fact from fiction. What I do is look at them all for you in order to show you the latest truths that emerge and hope that this will provide a clear overall picture of what is really going on.

You may find topics addressing the truth behind popular news stories and headlines, or the hidden agenda of political figures, and other issues that are relevant to you. What are the issues currently being talked about? Has anyone taken the time to fact check both the popular opinion, and the latest conspiracy theory as it emerges?

I’m not a politican, or a rocket scientist, I’m just like you and when I find it difficult to listen to the lies that the popular press wants us to believe I am left wondering why? What are they really trying to do? When I find out, I will use this blog, and the attached pages to post thoughts, commentary and links which provide an outline of what looks the simplest truth, so it’s easy to understand and there is no grey area left for our political leaders to use against you.

My thoughts you will find here, on this blog. For links to controversial topics and sites that I feel you may find of value in forming your opinions, please see the menu for the links page.

If the truth be told, you can look for it here.