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  1. A question that CBC asks, Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists?

    This is my response to them.

    If we as people think about the meanings of “white nationalism” as well as white supremacy, it is a twisted ideology. The dictionary’s meaning for these words are as follows, a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races. A far right platform that includes white nationalism and opposition to Israel.

    So now that we have a clear definition of these two words, it is clear to see that Canadian citizens do not fall into neither of these categories, we as Canadians have never had this type of attitude towards anyone who is of different background form ours. It is sickening to hear that we are labeled as haters, until recently this was never an issue. This behavior has been pushed in recent years, so l need to ask have we changed so much from being tolerant to out right hatred of anyone who is not white. l think not, it is the left wing of the government that has accused Canadians of these leftist lies.

    As Canadians will agree we have never placed ourselves above anyone who migrated to this country. But in this time in history we are faced with people coming to Canada expecting hand outs, as well as bringing their way of life and forcing a change to their way of laws and beliefs. This will not be accepted we are Christian and the last time l checked we have that freedom to believe in whoever we choose.

    The other troubling matter is the hate towards Canadians from the people that come here, forcing their will upon us as well as threats of terror towards a peace loving nation. l ask where is the hate coming from? Remembering that we did not have these issues in the past, what has changed? People invading our countries with questionable motives as well as backgrounds.



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