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    This is the thinking of the 40 year old and younger, what has caused this loss of self confidence in ourselves as well as everyone we interact with.

    There have been so many articles written on brain washing the public, but this one will connect the people’s idea of the destruction of society, to the global unity agenda. It will also point the UN’s agenda’s puppets, these are the ones we vote for.

    The last two generations have been bombarded with the, “we are all in this together” idea. The most up to date products such as, cell phones, games, and there is something else they added but not mentioned it, the ability to track, spy on. So they can target the kids for more intense misleading information to hate culture and certain groups of people, as well as anything that is right or good.

    As the children age they see the world different, for them it is a Christmas day life. From school they expect to have good grades, without the study. We see them in the work force every where the ones who can’t, not use their phones, to them it is the most important thing in their life.

    This would be one of the most cruellest things one human can do to another, we think. It gets worse from here on, governments around the world who agree with the UN’s global governance agenda. All of the information is all across the net, United Nations agenda 21, 2030, 2050, MK-altar.

    Shown above is a look at, why these generations are the way they are. Daddy government raised them well, as we can see. This is not isolated to a few countries, but it is spread world wide in the western culture.

    I looked into the Canadian government to see how many are in flavor of the ONE WORLD ORDER, frankly all of the governments have the same goal. Yes you guessed it.

    Justin Trudeau leader of Canada has been groomed since childhood for the seat on the broad of the United Nations. His book Common Ground explains many things about Canadian politics as well as connections to some very shady people.

    Andrew Sheer also voices his thoughts on the United Nations New World Order, 100% in flavor.

    I will show the reason, as well as the totally backwards way of thinking of the generations of the 21 century.

    1–I think the first thing that happened l wasn’t expecting is the, statues being destroyed across the globe. They learned this way of thinking some where, social media news where opinion is the reality and their truth.

    2–This idea of gender identity is another major set back for humanity as a whole. They have been so confused by the social media reality as well as the feminist agenda to dismiss the facts. A man is a man until death, as the same for the women. Now a large percentage of the western world’s societies have accepted the lie that we can change genders at anytime. Would this not warp a mind to the point where reason has no room?

    3–This is the only generation which has moved from logical thinking to a total emotional state, no logic to be found in decisions. Also this destroying of the English language by, using the same word to explain many situations they encounter. This is partly due to the lack of understanding of the English language, this is the schooling failure.

    4–There is blame to be spread across to all, not evenly but never the less there is. This last two generations are the ones who rejected the reality and embraced the instant information to the world. It is apparent, that a well rounded child to grow into a responsible adult starts at home. These parents have unwillingly changed the children expect there lives to be, Parents were put into a position to fear government, and they allowed daddy government to take over everything in our lives, not good. This is what l call the destruction of the family.

    As for what we think are our elected leaders, well they are not. It is a very well thought out agenda, coming down from the second in command of planet earth.
    Listed below are the western society leaders who are in favour of the One world Government.


    Billionaire George soros, Justin Trudeau, and the Globalist Seduction of Canada.

    The Paris Climate Treaty, Trudeau signed with the complete support from Andrew Sheer at the CPC.

    We see that voting for any government in Canada will lead us to the same ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    Let us look at the governments around the world, how many of them believe in this One Government system.

    To date there has only been three countries who have left the United Nations assembly, from the birth of the United Nations. Never to return, did they realize the truth?

    As of 2020 there are 193 sovereign states, that belong to the largest Intergovernmental Organization. China joined as an original member in 1945, and have become one of the permanent members.

    This group of masters have had the same agenda since the beginning, world domination.


    United to reform

    All of the leaders of the countries listed above are dragging their citizens into the UN’s collective hive.

    No more free thought, no desires, just zombie like thinking to serve the collective. What do they want? Power over the citizens of the world, money is a side effect adding to their control over us. Guess we will know what an animal feels like in a cage.


  2. CORONA on the ROCKS

    50 years in the making

    Corona virus are a group of related RNA viruses, that cause diseases in mammals. In humans this virus causes respiratory tract infections, that range from mild to lethal. Depending on the health of our immune system, for the children as well as the elderly, it is hard to judge the severity of the infection However do not get mislead thinking CV-19 is a mild form of the cold and flu. It isn’t does not belong to the same family of viruses. The virus responsible for cold and flu is the rhinovirus.
    As of May 2020 there is no vaccine nor is there an antiviral drug, to treat CV-19 infections. This is also true of the rhinovirus, the cold and flu visits us every fall and people go expecting what? We are told that a vaccine will kill off the virus, as well as kick start our immune system to produce anti-bodies never to be infected by that virus the vaccine was created for.
    The information verifying that vaccines are at best a hit or miss, mostly miss. Put aside what your doctor tells you about vaccines, and think about this when the dangers of vaccines out weigh the benefits.

    One of the authors on the paper, Dr. Oanh Nguyen, said this was the first time that a broad immune responses to CV-19 have been reported.
    “We looked at the whole breadth of the immune response in this patient using knowledge we have built over many years of looking at immune responses in patients hospitalised with influenza”.
    “Three days after the patient was admitted, we saw large populations of several immune cells, which are often a tell-tale sign of recovery during seasonal influenza infections. We predicted that the patient would recover in three days, which is what happened”.
    Dr.Oanh Nguyen works at the University of Melboume.

    Forty-five years if registration statistics Vaccines useless and dangerous
    No matter what people may say about vaccines, this site will set the record straight.

    Have you ever asked yourself, why do people get a flu-shot every year? It is a vaccine against the rhinovirus.

    Vaccines are made to charge money for a vaccine that has been proven over and over again not to work, we are mislead into accepting their word as truth.

    Up till a few years ago we can refuse any vaccine, however today we are faced with take the vaccine or be removed from society. Every purchase will require proof that the vaccine has been accepted. As of 2020 the WHO, CDC, Gates, UN agenda 21 as well as 2030 have decided to put measures in place to know who accepted and who did not.

    With this vaccine there will be either a plastic card, micro-chip injected with the vaccine, this is a sure way they can know for sure.

    May 2020 US Dept. of Defense press release shows that the military is preparing to force vaccinate every American. The DoD and HHS are partnering to acquire 500 million ApiJect vaccine injection devices, deliveries begin October of 2020.

    500 million vaccines ready to go in late fall

    RFID chip

    Above the people in charge have spent a lot of money to set this up, to take care of us? No.

    The death tolls have been pushed to a level of fear and confusion, never in the history of man has there been such a panic over a virus that attacks people who’s immune systems are weak for one reason or another.

    To get a clearer understanding of this panic, we must look at all of the information as well as the reasons behind the reason why. WHO’s death toll numbers are way off what they claimed, this alone should raise questions. Doctors who work on these type of viruses, point out the reality of the virus, they get muzzled and removed off you tube as well as social media sites. Why?

    The way late 2019 and 2020 is shaping up, it appears that there is something larger going on than the news tells us.

    We have agenda 2030 from the United Nations World Governance, One World Government, the reset from fossil fuels to green energy.

    Tracking system being put in place so it is easy for them to know what we are up to at any given time, this also includes the cell phones we hold dear. They call it contact tracing for the virus.

    Contact Tracing in Canada

    There is also the WHO, Gates, Big Pharma, The Vatican, China, as well as the elites which are the main players without them none of this would be possible.

    Anyone wonder why are the governments allowing small business to collapse? It is all about having the big companies taking over all of the markets from banking, food we eat, as well as a lack of variety.

    It all comes down to total control of all of the citizens, this is what happens when the people do not stand up against this tyranny.

    Pandemic to Usher in the UN’s Agenda 2030

    China, United Nations: NEW WORLD ORDER

    Listen for yourself.

    80% of people have these symptoms

    Dr. Rashid Buttar exposes Gates, Fauci, as well as falsifing pandemic numbers.
    Dr. Shiva exposes Medical Cartel, Gates Foundation.

    Dr.Rashid Buttar explains what the media won’t touch.

    Dr. Broer and our immune system.

    Globalist Cabal Releases CV-19 Control Plan

    A Federal Ban on Making lethal Viruses is Lifted

    Dr. Fauci made this shocking prediction in 2017.
    Dr.Fauci involved in engineered CV-19

    DR. Fauci gave 3.7 million to Wuhan Lab.

    Snake in the Grass Dr. Fauci

    CV-19 Out of Control

    DR. Fauci is wrong about Lock Downs

    Masks, Tests& Vaccinations are Voluntary

    Flattening the Curve with Truth

    Things to Come




    There is so much coverage on this virus in 2020, but if l want all of the information l have to wander around the net to locate the facts. This article will produce all sides, and you will be the one who will be able to come to an informed decsion.A real threat, or not.
    Here are the government sites, that explain their view of this virus.

    Experts explain method used to track virus.
    There are so many more sites that confront the main stream over this virus. If what we see and hear is not clear enough, then it is time to take the time and sort through the information. Why the attention to this virus? There must be another reason. A good researcher will ask the 5 W’s to get to the facts.
    What used to be called conspiracy theories 10 years ago, are now facts released by the government under the freedom of information act. From as far back as 50 years ago we can see the planning of many viruses, economic collapse, depopulation, dividing the family, criminalizing the truth, etc…
    The people we see in power in our countries are all just puppets to the policy makers, which are a small group, who have the ability to buy countries, since the world runs on money. These people using money can crush anything they don’t agree with.
    It is their truth much of society has accepted, the truth of the RED PILLED citizens have no place in their world.
    One will say, being red pilled is about men and women. That is just a very small part of it, being able to step back and see through the misinformation, agenda’s, as well as the direction these elite are steering humanity, moving us along like cattle to the slaughter.
    Gates, Zukerberg, Rothschilds, Soros, Pope, UN with their agenda 21 as well as 2030, there is only a few others who are as well connected to the ups and downs we have seen in our society for a very long time. They create the problem and blame others, then they wait for us to run to them to save us from the problem of the day. Make no mistake, these people are cruel and heartless.
    David Icke, Julian Assange, Snowden, Aonoymous, as well as countless others who present the information so we can be better informed.
    Below are links that expose the hidden agenda by the elites.
    There is unlimited information out there explaining the UN’s agenda 21 as well as 2030, which these elites strive to implement into the societies of the world.
    The right to speak, worship, freedom to relocate, govern our own lives, and many more rights we see being removed from us, and it’s not just over this virus. Some will claim that, things will get back to where we were before this lock down.
    Government has a taste of power and they won’t back down, unless the people stand up to them. They have tried this before, 3 times but the people crushed their movement. This time they attacked the children of society with instant information to brain wash into believing the main stream.
    If we don’t stop this new world agenda, we all will end up under the laws of the elite.



    The false information about vaccines and how they affect the human body.
    We are suppose to be able to decide for ourselves weather we want our children to be vaccinated , not forced upon us. When force is used we question how helpful the idea of vaccines are, the facts are there are some ingredients that are poisonous to the human body.
    This is the vaccine list used today:
    Wiki-Pedia has supplied the type of vaccines used, and below is the ingredients wiki-pedia failed to mention.
    This link explains the reason Aluminum is used.
    After reading the information in this next link, we should be asking questions. Not only why so many vaccines since the 50’s but the levels of toxins.
    The World Health Organization follows agenda 21 as well as 2030. This is the group who is in charge of making sure every human body from 1 year old to adult, is injected with their poisons so citizens can be controlled.
    Who Prequalified Vaccines

    So far we looked at the organizations and the companies who are in charge of creating as well as distributing vaccines. Now we will look at the truth about vaccines, their health on society as well as the side effects. Oh they did not say anything about this, they would expose everyone to the dangers of their poisons.
    This forced acceptance of the vaccines in the last 10 years, brings up questions. Why is there a push to make sure ever child has been injected, if they are not they are not allowed in school. Drastic measures to the average family it seems like a good idea, but to the informed parents it is considered as a threat. This raises red flags in society, with all of the ideas, laws forced it leads one to wonder, what is happening to our right to decide our families fate.
    When we take a step back from the in your face media lies, the roomers of wars, the geo-engineer of our skies, the acceptance of males claiming to be females, sex switching, the hate for anyone who does not agree with a twisted ideology. Makes one think that there is more to what l call as an agenda by the controllers of humanity.
    Every where we look now days we see wrongs being done and being called good and lawful, in other words wrong is right and right is wrong. This way of thinking has inverted societies norms.
    Pro’s and cons
    This site is connected with the agenda of 2030, they have a list of pros and cons of the chemicals used in vaccines.
    1-They claim that vaccines save children’s lives.
    2-The ingredients in vaccines are safe.
    3-Major medical organizations state that vaccines are safe over all.
    4-Adverse reactions to vaccines are extremely rare.
    5-Vaccines protect the Herd.
    6-Vaccines save children and their parents time and money.
    7-Vaccines protect future generations.
    8-Vaccines eradicated small pox and have nearly eradicated other diseases such as polio.
    9-Vaccine-preventable diseases have not disappeared so vaccination is still necessary.
    10-Vaccines provide economic benefits for society.
    Notice how they place children as the Number 1 reason for vaccines. The ingredients even in small doses have an adverse effect on the human body.
    Big Pharma claims vaccines are safe overall. Number 5 refers to humans as a herd, shows what they think of us.
    It is safe to say that the more they claim it is safe the more people run the other way, and for good reason. If there was a reason to not vaccinate, it would be now. Not only because we have lost faith in drug companies, government, media, but because of the state of society today.
    Parents need to look at what tomorrow will bring, with the upside down system we live in it is not a good idea to depend on the government for help. If the system ever crashed we will be on our own, the health of the children should be for most in our minds. We must focus on working on our immune systems, so we are able to fight off infections as well as other diseases.
    We have seen the pro’s of vaccines, now the con’s coming from the same site.
    The con’s of vaccines
    1-Vaccines can cause serious and fatal side effects.
    2-Vaccines contain harmful ingredients.
    3-Government should not intervene in personal medical choices.
    4-Mandatory vaccines infringe on constitutionally religious freedoms.
    5-Vaccines contain ingredients some people consider immoral.
    6-Vaccines are not natural, natural immunity is more effective.
    7-Pharmaceutical companies should not be in charge of regulating safe vaccines.
    8-Diseases that vaccines target have all but disappeared.
    9-Most diseases could be treated with common , making vaccines unnecessary.
    The fear mongering of the drug companies have pushed the government into creating laws to protect the cash flow for these companies.
    The link to explain the points are in the link below.


    New developments on the world Health organizations behavior in March of 2020. WHO sides with China instead of protecting the citizens. The USA has with drawn their funds as well as their support for the WHO.
    Also it is been blown wide open connecting the depopulation Gates agenda, spring of 2020 will be known as the years it all began. The hostile take over of the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

    The World Health Organization’s reason to immunize everyone is different than the con’s of vaccines.
    Link is below.
    Gates connection to the WHO



    Most of our political leaders in Canada are connected to the Illuminati as well as the New World Order. The Illuminati is a satanic cult that sexually exploits, traumatized brain washed children.
    The MK-ULTRA is a part of the Illuminati, and is involved in paedophilia as well as the elimination of the freedom of the people, and the Canadian government from the 60’s have been involved in other words they have sold their soul to the One World Religion.
    Justin Trudeau’s autobiography book called “Common Ground” deals with the ordering of the murder of Pierre Teleport , because of his threat to expose the paedophilia ring. Carolyn Hamlet a victim of the Illuminati mind control as well as the paedophilia ring, said these abuses took place atone of the MK-ULTRA compounds.
    Common ground is all about the heir to the Trudeau throne, Trudeau and the Sinclair’s have been well paid agents of Canada’s decline, but their stories are unavoidable.
    There were odd references to rubbing shoulders with the elite perverts, Prince Andrew and the Star Light Foundation, Jacques Herbert as well as Katmai from West Point Grey Academy and his mate Christopher Donaldson was convicted of possessing child porn.

    Justin Trudeau is the product of the Illuminati mind control, for the new world order government, for the purpose destroying Canada’s economy as well as terrify the citizens of Canada. This idea of the destruction of the western world economy and terrify the public into running to the government to help us. The timing must be spot on for this agenda to work.
    Oak said Justin Trudeau has sold out to the elite and was engineered to become the party leader for the liberal party, for the sole purpose of splitting the vote in the PM’s office, in their flavor. He may be a means to end as a traitor, to destroy the liberal party. Now what a conspiracy that would be if his leadership is all a hoax.
    In October of 2019 Trudeau announced to the world, that he will run for a seat on the UN council. He may succeed, if we look how he implements all of the UN, WHO, regulations without questioning. Plus the fact he has been groomed for this position.

    Harper was the one who introduced the One World Government system, then Trudeau took over and here we are. It has to make one wonder, the timing of the introduction of NWO agenda’s 21 as well as 2030. The direction Canada has been steered towards is perfectly in line with agenda 21, as well as 2030. The one world government was put into play under Harper, was continued on the path to muzzle the public we can see in 2020. Our rights and freedoms eroded.
    Links below

    Agenda 21 Do we even understand the implications of agenda 21? I don’t think many Canadians do. I find it hard to believe that Canadians want to be enslaved to the point we have never seen.
    We as citizens allowed this to happen, this is the cost of accepting the news the governments give us.


  6. We are asking to be enslaved, we are helpless and need big brother to take care of our needs, and protect us from the truth.
    This is the mentality of the western citizens, fits in with the now age thinking of l am entitled even though we have not earned it.
    We see that our way of life made an abrupt change for the worst in 2020. This change happened over night across the world. Do we ask why? No, just accept the laws as well as our way of life that has been asked of us.
    If we accept their version of the truth we are in for a life we have never seen before. We need to understand how this control was forced upon us, as well as how long their plan has been in place just waiting for the right moment. The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 was the change over to the new government of the world.
    With the sights we see, it is time to show the time line to implement all of the control measures.
    We know some of the reasons for the one government, as well as the system they chose to insert our ID, health record, our cash, as well as GPS so the location of hurt people can find us. This sounds like a good idea on the surface, however this is far from the truth.
    Think about it, for starters we are over 7 billion declining food production, poison water supply,2/3 of the population reaching old age many not able to contribute to the country. I ask, what would be the reasoning behind saving as many people as possible?
    When people started to notice this idea of a one system across the planet, they began to research to understand the benefits of this system. The deeper they went, the further back they had to go to find how long this idea been around.
    These researchers found that we need to go all of the way back to1773, the first ideas was introduced by Mayer Amschel Rothchild and twelve of his most richest as well as influential friends. Amschel convinced his friends that, if they pool their resources to-getter they can rule the world. In 1776 Adam Weishaupt joined as their leader, what was then called The Order of the Illuminati.
    The full article can be seen on the site below.

    From then till now, this group has been exposed for the power hungry agenda they alone created. As Amschel said control the world, this amounts to everything in our lives as well as us.
    It is easy to control the economy, food production, but how would they control people? British scientist Kevin Warwick first experiments with radio frequency identification, In 1998 these implants were carried out by Kevin himself.
    Radio-frequency identification better known as RFID tracking chip. For a better understanding see link below.
    From 1773 till the 80’s this group have been secretly working on the last piece of their puzzle. How to control the human? As we see in the 90’s they solved that issue, then they were ready to introduce their control with the RFID chip. The end of the 20th century till now 2020, we have seen the push of this onto the public, They say no one will be left behind.
    With the advent of the information age, that was well on it’s way by the early 21 century this group started to panic. Many in the public have kept up with the information, and noticed the change from freedom and rights to protection and control. Link below the elites are panicking.
    Now that their agenda is in the public, they had to change their strategy from using the good points to inject their RFID into us, they now implement the control by force.
    How to achieve this? Military on every corner is out of the question, they need the public to feel terror as well as hopelessness. Isn’t that what we feel in the spring of 2020? After all we are spooked very easily due to the conditioning over many years.
    Now l will show the level of preparedness since 2012.

    Region 111 includes Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and all of Virginia.
    Except for Washington all of the other states are not as populated like the east and west coasts, this would be a good place for FEMA to exercise their readiness.
    List of man power as well as emergency supplies.
    386,000 Un troops began training end of July, they learn English as well as US weapon systems and urban warfare training.
    The CDC ordered $11 million worth of antibiotics, all for region 111.
    At the same time the WHO held an emergency meeting, second such meeting in their history to discuss MERS Coronavirus. WHO determined that a vaccine MUST be in place by October of that year.
    Periodic testing GPS and communications satellites is normal, however coordinating their testing is a first, test completed September 29th.
    DHS received 2800 Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles, as well as DHS agents must now qualify with sidearm.
    All National Guard units will complete their two week training, with riot gear, training must be completed by September 30th. The eastern Coast Guard will be training in Virginia and Delaware, not where they have held their training in the past.
    Coincidently, Emergency Broadcasting system will test their system from September 25th to October 2nd.
    Then there is FEMA who ordered $14.2 million for MREs and heater meals, 22 million pouches of emergency water delivered by no later than October 1st. In addition another $13.6 million worth of MREs delivered to Austin Texas by October 1st.
    Over 300 school systems will be issued a 3-day emergency kit for each student.
    Making sense of the numbers, UN troops number 386,000, US military active 2.2 million, National Guard numbers stand at 336,000 as of the Trump administration. This does not include police officers. The numbers are mind blowing when we do the math, close to 3 million military police watching our movements. Then there is the United Nation peace keepers, who in total number 85,506. A war against them would be suicide.
    Links are below.
    FEMA preparing for major event.
    We must ask, why have the rich chosen hiding underground? They never moved underground over earthquakes, storms, so what would drive them into bunkers? Only thing comes to mind is viruses that are air born. Links below.
    So they go into bunkers to avoid getting poisoned, and we citizens are left to fight for our lives. At this time it would be wise for them to bring up the vaccine for all, if we die no worries there are way too many of us.
    A perfect time to depopulate the planet. Links below.
    Among this confusion they reintroduce the chip in hand, after they don’t want us to roam free.




    Part 3

    This time we will look at the CO2 emitted by the oceans, soil, and rocks, it is a fact that the oceans cover 70% of the planet. Therefore we allow the powerful to dictate what we understand to be fact.
    Science claims that, it is assumed the oceans release 0.6 gigatons of carbon per year, this sounds true, however there are no solid facts to back up their claim.
    Government puppets ignore the facts when it doesn’t align with their agenda.
    As l will show in a link, there is no way we have the technology to measure to amount of CO2 being produced at any given time.
    This paper stops the myth of man made CO2 in it’s tracks, using their numbers.
    Most of the estimates of volcanogenic carbon dioxide emissions are woefully low, say’s consulting geologist Timothy Casey. An enormous amount CO2 unmeasured escapes from underwater volcanoes daily.
    Underwater eruption

    Lava contains a surprising high amount of CO2, say’s Timothy Casey in his paper “Volcanic Carbon Dioxide”
    Carbon dioxide emissions from volcanoes under water dwarf man made contributions. We need to remember that there are 3 million under water volcanoes. Studies show the Pacific mid plate seamounts number between 22,000 to 55,000, 2,000 of these are active volcanoes.
    There are also lakes of CO2 on the ocean floor, CO2 is expelled from the hydrothermal vent systems.
    There is nothing stopping this CO2 mixing with sea water and making it to the surface. After surveying 201,055 under water volcanoes, Hillier&Watts estimated a total of 3,477,403 worldwide of which 139,096 are active.
    It would be fair to say that, because planet earth is covered with 70% water we would more volcanoes underwater than above.
    The puppets have totally ignored the amount CO2 these volcanoes produce, yes it is this way ignore the facts and blame the public for the levels of CO2. This is the lie we live under, it’s all about the money.
    This link has been added to show to general public mind set about CO2 levels, brainwashed to the point where the truth and the facts don’t mean anything.

    The carbon dioxide levels over the last 10,000 years the levels have been stable for the most part, until for the last 500 years the CO2 levels have increased to a level never seen for millions of years. With the misinformation about our climate’s CO2 level, it is easy to dismiss the volcanoes, the missing trees man took and not replaced. Instead of addressing the real problem they will blame human activity, this is a win win for the elite.

    In this next link l am seeing the numbers not adding up, we know that they are not able to produce numbers like that. All theories, guesses, and ideas.

    Over the last 2,000 years there have been many eruptions on land as well as in the oceans, all expelling huge amounts of CO2 and ash high into the atmosphere. Some of these eruptions have blocked out the sun for periods of time, this may be the answer to unbalanced CO2 levels. It just so happened that man started using fossil fuels, the last 100 to 150 years.

    After seeing the government scientists saying , that there is no way we can measure to levels of CO2 produced l am sceptical about the numbers in the next link. When we consider the size of earth, 70% water, 3 million volcanoes, and 1/3 of aprox. 30% of the land with forests.
    They claim that we have more trees now that 100 years ago, it doesn’t take much thought to realize that we are lied to.
    Anyone who puts a bit of thought into the lack of forests, compared to 100 years ago it is clear to see the population as well as the cities have grown. In the process we have destroyed the plants we need to survive, no trees no oxygen. Looks clear cut to me.
    Mother nature has kept the balance on this planet for many thousands of years, they all agree on that. The only thing that is different from 100 years ago and now is that man has started clear cutting the planet of trees. We know that if they told everyone the truth, they wouldn’t be raking in the cash from us slaves.
    These links go deeper into the article l have written.

    Click to access human-co2-smaller-than-natural-emissions-intermediate.pdf






    In part two we will look at the levels of CO2 the earth produces, from volcanoes, to the ocean, as well as the deforestation .
    How responsible are we as humans for the CO2 levels we see today? Through scientific data we can see the levels clearly reaching higher levels than expected, so the government scientists down play or dismiss the truth.
    In the largest cases a single plume only lasting a few hours, will send millions of tons of CO2 into the air. With the eruptions daily from around the earth, is it possible that humans contribute small amounts of CO2 less than we have been lead to believe.
    ZME science has a government bias about the CO2, and who produces more man or nature?

    The USGS alongside other government information controlled organizations, say according to their data claim volcanoes emit 200 million tons of CO2 annually.
    When Mount Pinatubo erupted, it sent 42 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. They dare to claim that even with this scale of activity, it doesn’t match mans activity. Pinatubo’s release of pressure created enough of a change that, the global temperatures dropped almost 1 degree in the years 1991 to 1993.
    With the USGS admitting an almost full degree drop linked to the eruption, they are in agreement with their findings. With all of the cores of ice, they claim they best guess amounts. Is it that the data doesn’t fit into their grab for money?
    The data from the British Geological Survey [ BGS], the equivalent to USGS has different data. They are all taking a guess as well as theories as to the amount of CO2 nature contributes. Their estimates claim that volcanoes emit 300 million tons of CO2 in an average year, this is their best guess. In the same breath they say what man’s contribution far out weighs any volcano.

    Volcano eruptions can change a lot of things, but they’re not responsible for climate change. Image credits: Christina Neal, AVO/USGS.

    With all of the guess work not relying on data from ice cores, they estimate between 200 to 300 million tons of CO2 to what they claim to be 24 billion tons by man. We need to keep in mind that this is just a best guess on their part, and we are told this is the truth.
    CO2 is a greenhouse gas that regulates the temperature of earth, as well as allows trees to grow. But they won’t admit that, it’s the truth. What they claim is volcanoes emit large amounts of CO2, but no where near as much as man. They say they know this with a great degree of certainty.



    In February of 2020 it was decided to revise the numbers they used in the past, because the numbers don’t add up. The more people question our changing climate the more government science panics.
    When Mount Pinatubo erupted it was the largest in the past 100 years. This eruption is a good example of a stratospheric eruption, reaching into the stratosphere.
    When particles reach that high, and stay the dust reflects sunlight to the point where the earth goes into a cooling period.
    The University of Maryland, Grenoble Alpes, Ecole Normale Superieure, and the Tokyo Institute of Tech, devised a more accurate system for stratospheric eruptions in layers of ice cores.
    Using their method researchers made revisions, because the information was not accurate as well as misidentifying events. So we ask, how are we sure that they are right this time in their findings?





    There is much information about how our planet is warmer now than it ever has been, and therefore many see it as not a normal cycle of the universe. But a bad thing for humans, not seeing the whole picture.
    We have weather records dating back thousands of years, cycles like the one we are now in has happened before, more than once.
    If we put aside what we are told as well as taught, and review the facts. We will realize that we are being mislead daily, my thoughts on this is follow the money.
    I will show many records from the past as well as the present:
    The Inter governmental Panel on Climate Change claim that, it is extremely likely that human influence has been the cause of the warming in the 20th century. They claim humans are the cause for the rise in greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide.
    When we do the research we see that most of the climate leaders, all agree that these 3 elements are the cause of greenhouse gases caused by humans.
    There needs to be less reliance on peoples word, and more on digging for the facts. Computers, books were reliable for correct information, however this is not so in the past 20 to 30 years. Why do people not question this, no one we learn to understand anything around us from our weather to our planet.
    What is it?
    In the 17th century Jan Baptista Van Helmont discovered carbon dioxide is unlike any other gas. It liquefies upon compression to 75 kg per square centimetre at a tempeture of 31C. When carbon dioxide is frozen it is called dry ice. At ordinary temperatures, carbon dioxide decomposes into carbon monoxide and oxygen.When Ammonia is mixed with CO2 under pressure Ammonia Carbamate, then UREA. The chemicals combined produce fertilizers, plastics, fire extinguishers, inflating life jackets, rubber, plastics, carbonated drinks, and also promotes healthy growth in plants.
    Carbon dioxide is a tasteless, odourless gas that makes up LESS than 1 % of the earth’s atmosphere.
    One molecule of carbon dioxide contains one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen,
    This non-metallic chemical belongs to Group 14 {IVA} on the periodic table, even though we are led to believe that the Carbon Dioxide is highly concentrated on t planet earth. It is not, it only makes up 0.025 of the earth’s crust and less than 1% of our atmosphere. CO2 even thought the amount is low it still manages to form more compounds than all other elements combined. Sounds like if we loose our Carbon Dioxide, life would be far worse than we have it now.
    In the crust of earth, carbon is a minor component. When carbon combines with other elements, life is able to continue. We can thank Carbon Dioxide for our way of life as well as the other chemicals created through this process. Such as Magnesium, Calcium, Magnesite, Dolomite, Marble, Limestone, Coral. Carbon is widely used in society we have grown way too dependent on our Petroleum, Natural Gas, as well as all of the plastics we have grown accustom to.
    Man made climate misinformed believers claim, we are the creators of the CO2 levels we have now in the 21 century. Do we take their word? When we look at the history of the CO2 levels, they are not as high as has been in the past. Theories have been repeated daily in our schools as well as society, that science is right without showing only view. The natural cycle of everything we know and not know has a cycle, nothing we know of stays the same always changing. Over the history of earth there have serious changes without man’s interference.
    Science claims that the earth’s atmosphere is out of balance, where is the proof for such claims? Just by saying a few words without solid facts, they can claim that man must be the cause for our change in planet weather.
    These planet fear mongers demand we as citizens pay for the natural order of the weather, all it takes is a few chosen words without facts. Why do we believe them? Is it our excuse, we don’t have the time, or is it that we are so gullible that we will believe anything.
    Should we ask what do they mean by this?
    While scientists are FAIRLY CERTAIN that 100 million years ago CO2 was much higher than today, my red flag is up “fairly certain”? In general terms CO2 levels back 500 million years ago show the climate CO2 levels were higher, however they fail to mention that it was a different world then if they are right about their time line. They just fail to mention that the world then had a climate, vegetation, as well as animals. Much of the wildlife and the vegetation went extinct, no mention of that.
    The more l look for hard facts the more harder it is to make sense of the information available,
    It is easier to find the facts in older books, l am seeing a pattern.

    Does science offer the facts, it doesn’t appear that way. Furthermore when people use numbers and letters to explain our world around us and are wrong, it is easy just go back and change numbers to make their ideas, theory’s , thoughts, believable.
    Has anyone noticed that anything science can’t explain with numbers, they call a myth or a fairy tale. Even the scientists cannot agree how much influence man has had on planet earth. If we choose to believe in science, then we as humans are to be blamed for all of the changes. How could we accept science facts when all data is based on theories?
    Government agenda science allows them to take our hard earned money like a bully in a school yard. When a theory is spun to show the citizens as the wrong doers, it is easy to demand money weather or not what they say is based on fact. However this is not the case, independent facts show a clearer picture.
    I do agree with the removal of the trees being a serious problem, take the earth’s lungs and we wonder why the CO2 levels are high, dah.
    I will show both sides of this climate debate in an un bias manner, starting with the government scientists as well as the history records which l may add were very hard to find.
    Professor Ruddiman says, atmospheric levels of CO2 began to rise when humans started clearing forests, and the levels of Methane levels increased 3000 years later. Now l ask why does Methane even come into this discussion, it lagged behind 3000 years? Starting to see a pattern yet?
    Then in the next paragraph Ruddiman claims that, atmospheric levels of CO2 and Methene naturally fluctuate because of the changes in orbit of earth and the resulting amounts of sun light.
    Scientists assumed the factory age that human activity had a significant effect on the climate. The changes in our climate in the past looking at the levels of CO2 as well as Methene were attributed to natural causes says Ruddiman. In a clearer English language they are ignoring history data, sounds like they are hiding the facts.
    Their words are chosen carefully, like this line.
    They say that prehistoric practices APPARENTLY overrode a build up of ice that their models predicted over the last 5000 years.
    Nasa gov. claim that the temperature is controlled by the CO2 in the air, however they fall short of blaming man for the cause. Maybe citizens are waking up and calling them out on the bs.

    This is part one of several, all of the links are below.
    This article as well as the video helps to explain, how the balance is upset with the CO2. The wealthy as well as the greedy will not accept the facts, they are the ones who should be held accountable for the removal of the trees. Not the citizens who are forced to buy into their scam.

    There are many reasons for people to hide the truth, as well as misleading the public. I always look who will benefit the most, it is always the ones who are raking in the money.


    In March 2008 it was said that 99% of men and women have been hopelessly brain washed by secular liberal humanistic western social values , such as feminism and misandry which is basically the same thing. Feminism is a hatred towards men as well as anyone who disagrees with the feminist agenda, which is the destruction of the social values, the family unit, and the learning process for boy’s to turn into men.
    This is not the definition of feminism in western society we research words that are new to us, however in the past few years the meanings for words are made up by the group who uses them. This is not acceptable we are taught in school to know the words we use daily, this is the meaning of feminism in the dictionary.
    the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
    In 2008 Brian Simpson has been a supply teacher for 20 years in every subject, he says that the education system has been high jacked by feminist and lesbians who preach a daily dose of hate, violence, and discrimination against boys and men despite pretense of tolerance, non-violence, as well as inclusiveness. It is common to find t-shirts degrading white boys, it is well known that boys and men are blamed for everything.
    This type of conduct was prevalent in 2008, look at us now we are still being treated as useless, the only thing different now is that men have turned their backs on the ideology of the feminist agenda. We reached a point where men would rather live on their own to have peace of mind and soul. The toxic feminist’s have destroyed the male spaces as well as introduced things like the me too movement, with the government’s support the men have more of a reason not to be in a closed space with females in fear of being charged with lies. These false accusations mostly never end up in the judicial system, men lives get destroyed on social media by the lies long before any charges are laid.
    The toxic feminist ideology has reached into every part of society, from men being accused just for looking in their direction to no fault divorce so they can raise the children brainwashing them with their agenda. They do not care if children grow up with no father, the only thing that matters to them is being able to lead the children into confusion about the way society should be, as well as being a leech living off men and the government.
    It is well documented that children need fathers to balance out the mother and father role, fathers would not allow their children to be forced into being trans gender. This to anyone who has good in them would see this as abuse parents are there to guide the kids to be responsible in life, not to be a burden on society. It is sad to know that the way children are treated in a fatherless home will not change until feminism hits bottom or women lose some of their rights in the household.
    Since men have been tossed out of the family unit the boys have lost their ability to grow up and be productive in society. The boys only because of their sex being male may as well be females, they are weak and not willing to take on the responsibility as a man they are more willing to run and hide in their safe spaces.
    The problem is…it is fact, not theory. This makes it all the more difficult to write about since it is
    affecting so many individual lives and the lives of families.

    In his book, Brave New World, Aldous Huxley discusses the estrogen dominance problems which are
    caused by the elite globalists as a form of population control…which is literally chemical warfare.

    Years ago and to this day, the Rockefeller Foundation was heavily involved in the promotion of
    eugenics. This is the science of planned depopulation control. This included forced birth control and
    sterilization to reduce the world’s population.
    Back in the 1940’s, the Rockefeller companies introduced plastics into the Eco System. They knew
    when they did so that many of the plastics were xenoestrogens, which if consumed by humans, would
    feminize males.
    Always remember that gasoline is a by-product of the petro chemical industry.
    It used to be disposed of as a waste product.

    Oil companies earn thousands of dollars per barrel by making xenoestrogens in the form of cosmetics,
    perfumes, drugs, plastics, fertilizer, weed killer, detergents…and the list just goes on and on.

    Huxley referred to this as the chemical warfare plan. I must admit, it has worked very well.

    Again, what I am discussing here is not a conspiracy, but it is a biological and chemical fact. The goal of the globalists, by their own statements, is to reduce the world’s population. They will do this by using the following:

    1. Sterility
    2. Separation of males and females
    3. The breaking up of the traditional American family
    4. Gender manipulation and confusion of sex identity
    5. Higher and higher divorce rates

    Several years ago, as part of its continual obfuscation campaign, The American Chemical Association
    banned the use of BPA in baby bottles. This was a joke, as it was never readily used in baby bottles. But,
    they failed to ban the use of BPA as a liner in cans and in water bottles. (As I have done entire emails on
    BPA, I will not go back in detail on this topic.)
    I will mention, however, the plastic wraps used in microwave food contain phylates, another potent estrogen compound. This plastic literally melts into the microwaved food, loading it with estrogen.

    Now, I am going to discuss a few endocrine disruptor’s and their effect. Fluoride, bromide, iodine, and chlorine are all halogens. The fluoride is in our tooth paste, bromide is in baked goods, chlorine is in our water.
    Iodine is used by the thyroid. When these other halogens are consumed, the thyroid thinks they
    are iodine and absorbs them. This is bad.

    Heavy metals, including barium, aluminum, and lead are also endocrine disruptor’s. As I have
    discussed in earlier emails, I discovered both barium and aluminum in the air we breathe via testing of
    my rain water. The rest of this article can be seen in the link below.
    Why boys are turning into girls
    Gender-bending chemicals are largely exempt from new EU regulations, warns Geoffrey Lean.

    Girls will be girls and boys will be girls: everyday ‘gender-bending’ chemicals are feminising increasing numbers of babies Photo: Getty Creative
    7:00PM BST 23 Oct 2009
    Here’s something rather rotten from the State of Denmark. Its government yesterday unveiled official research showing that two-year-old children are at risk from a bewildering array of gender-bending chemicals in such everyday items as waterproof clothes, rubber boots, bed linen, food, nappies, sunscreen lotion and moisturising cream.
    The 326-page report, published by the environment protection agency, is the latest piece in an increasingly alarming jigsaw. A picture is emerging of ubiquitous chemical contamination driving down sperm counts and feminising male children all over the developed world. And anti-pollution measures and regulations are falling far short of getting to grips with it.
    Sperm counts are falling so fast that young men are less fertile than their fathers and produce only a third as much, proportionately, as hamsters. And gender-bending chemicals are increasingly being blamed for the mystery of the “lost boys”: babies who should normally be male who have been born as girls instead.


    Over the past ten years, I have received a massive increase in phone calls and letters from people who either have family members or themselves who have been suffering from estrogen dominance. What this does in men is cause lowered testosterone, enlarged breasts, increased body fat, depression, loss of libido and andropause…all symptoms which were basically unheard of fifty years ago.
    In the case of estrogen dominance in women, it is usually combined with an increased rate of fibroid
    tumors, irregular periods and breast or ovarian cancer. Parents call in complaining or asking for help with young boys and male teenagers who are dealing with estrogen dominance symptoms. Their symptoms are slowed maturation, confused gender identity, much smaller reproductive organs and an issue of increased trans-gender identification.
    Does the New World Order believe the chemicals in vaccines may cause gender confusion? Are these vaccines the reason the earth is witnessing an entire generation of boys and girls being confused about their gender? This, along with educational encouragement?

    Homosexuality is spreading at an alarming rate. The CDC reports that for every 100 men, 5 are full out gay. But even more startling, for every 100 men, 43 are secretly or agnostic gay.
    Why are so many men undecided on their homosexuality? It used to be you were either Johnny Cash or Pavarotti, blue jeans or leather chaps. Now men get married to wives and have children, yet secretly lust for weekend trysts with Cabana boys in Cuba. We have seen sterling Republicans and church pastors fall down the murky, turgid pits of homosexuality and up to this point, we have failed to ask the most important question. Why?
    Well, thankfully the image above was mailed to my inbox by reader Dan W. from Oregon. Dan came across this image and professors at his university confirmed the chemical being shot from the back of this jet is a homosexualized version of a drug very similar to crystal meth.
    The bright, alluring colors are the ethyr vapors of the same substance used to make carnival glass, which you will likely find adorning the mantle or curio cabinet of a gay man’s well decorated pad. When the toxic gas enters the lungs, it causes the body to feel sweaty and primal, primed for intense doses of foreign testosterone.
    The history of Homosexual Chemtrails is actually honorable. During the Reagan era, the chemical was actually developed to weaken the armies of the Soviet Union. Instead of fighting the might of the USSR, Reagan plotted to use clever techniques such as Star Wars, prayer and chemically-induced homosexuality to throw Russia into a state of chaos.

    Here is a well written article link below.
    Do we see a picture emerging feminism is at the for front of this agenda, there is always a connection this connection is with the depopulation, destruction of the family unit, confusion in our youth, break down of society norms. This all leads to the One World Government, with their unwavering stance on the destruction of morality as well as peace.
    There is so much information about this matter, no doubt this will not be the only post on this matter.


  11. George Soros Open Society Foundation is working with the Trudeau government on refugee sponsorship
    Posted November 1, 2017 4:25 pm by CDNinfoGeek Comments (3)

    Canada has accepted more than 25,000 Syrian refugees thanks in part to George Soros, and the United Nations. Now a group is exporting Canada’s “global refugee sponsorship initiative.”
    A new pro immigration video featuring Ahmed Hussen Canada’s immigration minister explains the initiative.

    Many Canadians are worried about billionaire Soros meddling in Canada’s immigration system. The Canadian Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau has teamed up with leftwing philanthropist George Soros to make Canada a case study for Syrian refugee integration.
    Canada’s growing border crisis is just another example of Trudeau and Soros working destabilize Canada, as is being reported by TheRebel.
    Last year, Open Society Foundations began working with the Canadian government, the UNHCR, the University of Ottawa, and the Radcliffe Foundation on a Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI). The project is spreading the word about the Canadian private and community refugee sponsorship model. It supports countries and civil society organizations interested in adopting community sponsorship models in new jurisdictions around the world.
    In Wales, Thomas, and other members of her community created the Welcome Fishguard Commuity Sponsorship Group. Theirs was one of the first to respond to a UK scheme first announced in July 2016 by the British Home Affairs Minister Amber Rudd and the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.
    Under this new UK Community Sponsorship program, local groups agree to sponsor refugee families and help them integrate into life in the UK. They help their new families find housing, access medical and social services, arrange English language tuition, and support them with employment, leading to self-sufficiency.
    Community sponsorship, Clements says, “enables local people to take responsibility for resettling a refugee family, supporting and empowering them to rebuild their lives.” Canada’s record shows how it has “improved outcomes for refugees and made communities more welcoming.”
    Even though the government wants to present a positive outcome for Syrian refugees, the fact is most are still struggling. Privately sponsored Syrian refugees only receive financial help for one year and many have now resorted to receiving welfare and rely on social assistance to get by.
    george soros organizations

    Open Society Foundations

    Soros Fund Management

    Central European University

    International Crisis Group

    Related search
    top charitable foundations

    Ford Foundation

    Bill & Melinda Gates Fo…

    Hewlett Foundation

    United Nations Foundation

    Bloomberg Philanthropies

    Open Society Foundations

    This is a news release from the government of Canada Sept. 2016 shortly after Trudeau connected with George Soros for the 25,000 Syrian so called refugees.
    Canada, UNHCR & the Open Society Foundations Seek to Increase Refugee Resettlement through Private Sponsorship

    United Nations/New York City, September 19, 2016 – The Government of Canada, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the Open Society Foundations have agreed to launch a joint initiative aimed at increasing private sponsorship of refugees around the world. Research demonstrates that privately sponsored refugees tend to have relatively early, positive integration and settlement outcomes, thanks in part to the social support provided by sponsors.
    Coinciding with the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants in New York City, the new joint initiative has three primary objectives:
    1. Contribute to enhanced responsibility-sharing by expanding the use of private sponsorship as a pathway for refugees in need of protection and solutions;
    2. Encourage the expansion of resettlement by building the capacity of states, civil society actors, and private citizens to launch private sponsorship programs; and
    3. Provide a vehicle that mobilizes citizens in direct support of refugees and encourages a broader political debate that is supportive of refugee protection.
    The Canadian government has facilitated the resettlement of more than 275,000 privately sponsored refugees since introducing its program in the late 1970s. Thousands of individuals, groups, and organizations have taken responsibility for supporting and helping to integrate refugees during this period, including many who participated in Canada’s recent Syrian resettlement program. (Please see attached backgrounder for more details on the Canadian private sponsorship program.)
    The new joint initiative will support two initial activities. First, it will create a series of training modules on private sponsorship, based principally on a careful analysis of the Canadian model and made available to other countries who are interested in private sponsorship.
    Second, it will build the capacity necessary to disseminate the training modules and offer tailored advice on how to adapt and implement private sponsorship programs.
    This project will complement other initiatives under development elsewhere in the world also aimed at mobilizing citizens and creating complementary pathways for admission of refugees.
    The joint initiative will commence its activities at an initial meeting of stakeholders in Ottawa, Canada, in December 2016.



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