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    Is a phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queen, plenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees.
    Several possible causes for CCD have been proposed, but no single proposal has gained wide spread acceptance among the scientific community. A large amount of speculation has surrounded a family of pesticides called Neonicotinoids as having caused CCD.

    According to the USDA, pesticides may be contributing to CCD. A 2013 peer-reviewed literarure review concluded neonicotinoids in the amounts typically used harm bees and safer alternatives are urgently needed. When an independent peer-review group finds these types of problems with pesticides affecting the bee population we need to listen.

    Scientists have long been concerned that pesticides, including possibly some fungicides, may have sublethal effects on bees, not outright killing them but poisoning them slowly. Neonicotinoids that contain poisons such as, imidacloprid, clothiandin, and thiamethoxam, these chemicals are used with seeding treatment because they work their way to the flowers and slowly poisons the bees.

    A exhausted survey of health study in 2010 found that CCD- affected colonies also revealed elevated levels of pesticides in wax and pollen, but the amounts of pesticides were similar in both failing and healthy hives. They as well confirmed links between CCD and poor health, and adequate diet. Studies continue to show very high levels of pathogens in CCD affected samples and lower levels in unaffected samples. The observation have led them to believe that the bee death is connected to immune suppression.

    In 2012 researchers found that the sublethal exposure to imidacloprid rendered honey bees significantly more susceptible to infection to the Nosema fungus, there by suggesting a potential link to CCD.

    Also, in 2012 researchers in Italy published findings that the pneumatic drilling machines that plant corn seed coated with clothianidin and imidacloprid released large amounts of the pesticide into the air, causing significant mortality in foraging honey bees. Thiamethoxam causes navigational homing failure of the foraging bees, with high morality.

    Neonicotinoids Toxicity
    A dramatic rise in the number of annual beehive losses noticed around 2006 spurred interest in factors potentially affecting bees health. When first introduced neonicotinoids were though to have low toxicity to many insects, but recent research has suggested a potential toxicity to honey bees as well as other beneficial insects even with low levels of contact. Chemicals such as we use to produce more of a yield is taking a toll on one of the most important insects we depend on to pollinate our flowers, fruit trees, etc.

    This lack of respect for the living creatures we share planet earth with must stop before it is too late, once we hit a tipping point there will be no turning back.

    Thiamethoxam Toxicity

    It has a broad spectrum of use against many types of insects. The down side of this poison is that it affects bumble bees, honey bees according to an independent European scientific studies from 2014.

    Doses of thiamethoxam(0.05—2ng/bee) have been known to cause reduced foraging activity since at least 1999, but this was quantified in 2012 by RFID tagged honeybees. Doses of equal or more that 0.5 ng/bee caused longer foraging flights.

    These are a countless amount of chemicals that not only affect insects but larger animals as well, we know that humans find themselves sick in one form or another it is like too many off days then a few where we feel good.

    It is a fact that the major companies who are involved in this destruction of animals as well as people, will not take responsibility for their actions, all they are concerned with is the profit. The living things on this planet are at the mercy of these money hungry tyrants, we can’t depend on the government to investigate the poisoning of every living thing.

    Even many of the citizens turn a blind eye to these problems, maybe they don’t see the connection between the food production and the insects that make it possible. People in general are not aware that if it wasn’t for the bees we would die out because of the lack of food.

    Everything from the chemical trails sprayed in the air, to the pesticides that are sprayed on our food which drains off into our water supply, with this being said everything on planet earth is being killed off slowly by being poisons.

    In light of this on going destruction of life, there is some good news. Ecojustice is a group who investigates and with their lawyers are making a stand to stop this poisoning of our food as well as the bees who we depend on for our food.

    I am leaving a link below for anyone who is interested in not starving to death, and send a clear message to the companies that we know what they are doing.

    Donate online at: http://WWW.ECOJUSTICE.CA/SUPPORT


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