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  1. Good day to you Mr. O’Toole:
    In reference to a letter l received from the PC party, l sent this message to Mr. O’Toole today on their parties email.


    You know who l am, l received your letter today and l am not impressed with the drama that has taken over Ottawa. I was always told that when one party has a majority it is done, no interference from minorities. There are so many things wrong with the way Canadian citizens are treated, the lies the politicians, every party one is no better than the other. We do not need the poorly thought out policies, as well as the attitudes, policies, and values of the liberal government. None of these values will better life for Canadians, the direction the governments are heading is down the road to ruin for all of the white race around the world. Just need to research the facts but the internet is not reliable, the books in book stores have more truth about human history than the internet.

    Why is Trudeau still allowed to dictate the liberal ideology to the PC party? Every politician as far back as l can remember always said the same thing, this is what l can do for you,if you vote for me. My father taught me to never expect respect from anyone until they earn it, it is not a right. All of the points you mentioned in your letter are valid as well as being good for parties involved, if the PC government can pull it off. Majority means final say, doesn’t it? I can hear you say, it is complicated, this we have heard before.

    Do you see where l am heading? All politicians speak the same language different from the public,only the titles of the parties are different. This sadness me as well as many Canadians, to have our elected leaders to take advantage of the citizens is in itself evil. This TRUE BLUE vision, does it include jailing corrupt officials who are in office? or return Canada to morality? what about the migrant crisis without Canadian based values? I have a list of examples on how to turn Canada into what citizens can be proud of, not the elite but the back bone of Canada,

    Do you see, the problem is easier to fix from the top down than from the bottom up, now you will say that you have no control over the corruption, misinformation, hate against Christians this is just a few examples.

    It is easier than you may think, just have to stand up to all of the wrongs against the citizens.

    1– Return to the way of living with morals and values, True morals not the modern church version.
    2–Serious jail time for corrupt officials, no slap on the wrist.
    3–Migrants who do not accept the values, laws, of Canada do not belong here.
    4–The rich pay the same percentage in taxes as everyone else.
    5–Stop misleading the citizens.

    If these points were turned into law Canadians will stand behind that party 100%, remember l am talking about the back bone of Canada. This is being posted across the web on my sites, IF THE TRUTH BE TOLD. I have enclosed one of my links, take a look you will see where l stand.


  2. ELECTIONS 2019
    It is time to look forward to the elections coming up this fall, taking a closer look at the Liberal platform. We have been fooled once, have we learned? The last four years have had it’s many downs being humiliated on the world stage, is the hardest one to swallow. We do have a cuck as the leader of Canada, he does not speak for the working class.
    What will be remembered about Justin will be the scandals, tax hikes, the lies, and we can’t forget the migrant take over of Canada, not what we as Canadians expect from a leader.
    Justin’s legacy will be remembered as a failure in Canadian’s eyes, at least the working class. Liberals have pushed the green deal, importing migrants who will live off the citizens backs, the stoppage of the pipe line, the three major policies which only weakens any country.
    This fall Justin thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes hoping we will keep him in power. I say this because CSIS center for strategic and international studies, has insight on the Trudeau agenda. The three main points, a more dangerous international environment, uncertainty over US Canada relations, and Justin’s campaign strategy.
    We Canadians know how he thinks over the last four years, why would he change? He has been pushing climate change, diversity using migrants to dilute a Christian Canada, and spending our money as if it will never run out. In all three of his points l see a reckless spoilt child.

    The democrats were complaining that there was interference into the US elections in 2016, this has turned out to be not true. Canada however is a different story, there is much evidence of interference by outside parties.
    Elections Canada told Canadian press that now there are 105 complains about third party interference, compared to 12 in 2011.
    Also the number of registered third parties doubled last election from 55 in 2011 to 114 in 2015, we can only guess how many more since then.
    It appears that $6 million was spent targeting 28 ridings, the Tides Foundation funded $1.5 million Tides is connected with the anti-Canadian-oil campaigns.
    With Justin forcing his way into the destruction of life in Canada, this outside influence is an attack on the Conservative Party Campaign.

    The companies who will do the most for Canada are being forced out, seems like the only one who stays are the tar sands in Alberta. However they have a rough road ahead of them, reflecting on the economy of Alberta. Just another one of Justins wins.



    The signing of the confederation in 1867 offered the people in Canada a chance at unity, as well as the ability to govern their own fate. Shortly after the signing the colonies joined forces to fight for independence from Britain.
    When the confederation was drawn up there was no mention of the government being able to levy taxes on the colonies. These issues spelled an end to the confederation governing document.
    Also the number of issues that were not addressed before the signing was too much, such as the independence, a value placed on slaves, restricting the ability to act in an emergency. Shortly after the signing the Article of Confederation it was removed as a governing guideline.
    With much dialogue they were able to work out the problems they were faced with, and the new relationships provided the corner stone to the Constitution.


    With the signing of the Constitution for the United States and the Articles of Confederation for Canada we would think we have our freedom from the British. This is not the way our rights were re-written, the change allowed Britain to over shadow our freedom to govern our country.
    In 1867 Canada was declared a sovereignty nation. The concept of sovereignty is the power for a country to govern itself and it’s subjects. The question we need to ask is if Canada has it’s own sovereignty, then why is Canada referred to as The Dominion of Canada?
    Canada was classed as a British colony until 1931, this is not what a sovereign nation is considering Canada was confederated in 1867.
    Why was the British North American Act created in 1867 if Canada was a sovereign nation?
    The BNA act is a base document for the Canadian Constitution, which is not one document but a set known as the Constitution Acts and more importantly, a set of unwritten laws and conventions. With this we can gather that the words can be changed at will.

    Since the forming in 1867, 19 other acts were passed some were amended or repealed by the Constitution Act. Until 1949 only the British Parliament could make amendments to the act, in 1982 Canada assumed full control of the Constitution Act.
    This l find hard to believe, because Canada follows the way of the British government as well as the social structure is a mirror image. There is also the ceremony of the Canadian prime minister attends with the queen of England. This does not look like a free country to make our own decisions, free of interference.
    In 1893 the British Parliament again interfered with Canada’s self governing, to repeal the Statute Law Revisions Act.
    In 1931 why did the British Parliament nullify the BNA Act and replace it with the Statute of Westminister Act.
    In 1982 Perrie Trudeau had the liberal government create the Canada Act, and take it to the queen to have her parliament pass the act as the Constitution Act. At the time of the passing of this Act Canada suppose to have been a sovereign nation for 115 years.
    Something really stinks, as well as being good liars even back then.
    To this day Canadian officials when sworn into office, swear their alliagence to Queen Elizabeth. Not to the people who elected him into power.
    We need to ask ourselves some hard questions about Canada, are we tied to the British Parliament and the queen?
    Looking at the facts l do believe that Canada is not free to do as we please. The list against a free will Canada has been crushed. The Canadian Citizenship didn’t come into existence until 1947.
    If Canada was free to grow as a country, there should not have been a law suit to force J. Little-Child MP to do his duty for his constituents, and have the courts rule in his favour.

    Below are a list of references to the BNA act as well as the Constitution act 1867.


  4. ELECTIONS 2019

    Another 4 years of the liberal government is coming to a close, the last 4 years has been hard on the citizens of Canada. The forced green development upon Canadians, the gender dream of everyone is the same, as well as the carbon tax which is the hardest hitting for us because of the weak economy.

    Then there are all of the scandals Justin and the liberal party have been connected to, in the past 4 years there have been more corruption connected scandals that it has rocked Canada to the core. Never in the history of Canada has a government shamed a country to this level.

    The liberal government in the elections in 2015 made many promises, which only a small percentage were kept. Here is a list from the 2015 election promises:
    Oct. 10: Spend $40-million over four years on the Nutrition North program. Increase the northern residents deduction by 33 per cent to a maximum of $22 a day.
    Oct. 7: Sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which covers conventional weaponry.
    Oct. 5: Increase Canada Student Grants by 50 per cent to $3,000 a year. Allow students to wait until they’re earning at least $25,000 a year before requiring them to start repaying student loans. Impose new restrictions on marketing unhealthy food and drinks to children.
    Oct. 1: Help fund a Montreal rapid transit expansion, as well as a light-rail project on the Champlain Bridge linking Montreal to the suburban South Shore.
    Sept. 30: Spent $3 billion over four years on home care and improve access to and reduce the cost of prescription medications through bulk purchasing. Establish a pan-Canadian Expert Advisory Council on Mental Health.
    Sept. 29: Put up $200 million a year for three years to help research facilities, small business incubators and exporters and invest another $100 million a year for an industrial research assistance program.
    Sept. 25: Ease rules to speed up family reunification for immigrants. Scrap the visa requirement for Mexicans travelling to Canada.
    Sept. 22: Provide $380 million in additional funding for the arts and undo Conservative funding cuts to the CBC.
    Sept. 20: Scrap the purchase of the F-35 fighter jet and instead buy cheaper planes to replace the aging CF-18s and use the savings to pay for offshore Arctic patrol vessels for the navy being built in Halifax.
    Sept. 16: Provide $1.5 billion for public transit in Calgary as well as unspecified financing for flood control measures in the city.
    Sept. 15: Give $500 million to the provinces for skilled trades training, and devote $200 million for federal training programs. Set aside another $50 million to help aboriginal people improve their skills and job prospects.
    Sept. 11: Spend about $1.5 billion over four years on a youth job strategy to help 125,000 young people find a job.
    Sept. 10: Put a moratorium on tanker traffic along the northern coast of British Columbia. Reinstate $40 million cut from the ocean science and monitoring program at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Increase protected marine and coastal areas to five per cent from 1.3 per cent by 2017, and to 10 per cent by 2020.
    Sept. 9: Change the rules to allow people to dip into their RRSPs more than once to buy a home.
    Sept. 8: Reduce EI premiums drop to $1.65 per $100 earned from $1.88. That’s less than the $1.49 rate that the Tories committed to in the 2015 budget, but the Liberals say the extra money would be reinvested, with $500 million going to the provinces for skills training. Reduce wait times for a first EI payment to one week from two at a cost of $710 million.
    Sept. 3: Kill a planned toll system on a rebuilt Champlain Bridge in Montreal.
    Aug. 27: Increase federal infrastructure investment to almost $125 billion, from the current $65 billion, over the next decade. Provide new, dedicated funding to provinces, territories and municipalities for public transit, social infrastructure and green infrastructure.
    Aug. 26: A refundable tax benefit of up to $150 for teachers who spend their own money on school supplies.
    Aug. 24: $300 million a year to reform veterans’ benefits and delivery of services to vets.
    Aug. 20: Make employment insurance compassionate care benefits available to anyone caring for a seriously ill family member and make the program more flexible by allowing the six-month benefit to be claimed in blocks of time over a year-long period.
    Aug. 19: Change labour laws to ensure that employees in federally regulated industries have the right to ask their bosses for flexible work hours.
    Aug. 18: Invest $200 million a year to develop clean technologies in forestry, fisheries, mining, energy and farming. Put another $100 million into organizations that promote clean technology firms.
    Aug. 17: Lower the federal income tax rate to 20.5 per cent on incomes between $44,700 and $89,401, paying for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest one per cent. Bring in a new, tax-free child benefit to replace the Conservative universal child benefit.
    Aug. 13: Add $515 million a year to funding for First Nations education, rising through the mandate to a total of $2.6 billion. Add another $500 million over three years for education infrastructure and $50 million more a year for a program that helps aboriginals in post-secondary education.
    Aug. 11: Bring in a merit-based appointment process for the Senate.

    Now we are into another election year and with the promises not kept do we really want another 4 years of the liberal scandals, broken promises, raising of our taxes, being mocked from around the world. I don’t want to live through 4 more years of liberal rule.

    The 2019 election is shaping up the be stacked in favour of the liberal government, MP’s are heading out with their cheque books and swaying the companies to vote liberal if they want funding.

    Then there are the migrants bypassing normal channels to enter Canada, if they vote liberal. These are the migrants who would not pass through normal channels to become Canadian citizens.

    If we as Canadian’s would engage in this type of activity, we would be arrested and jailed for the crime of black mail or extortion. We continue to elect criminals to rule over us, maybe it is time to think before we mark the ballot.

    The liberal government has placed themselves above the law, with this new legislation passed in December 2018. This applies to the political parties but not to the federal government. This allows the liberal MP’s who go out every election year to gather supporters, they have legislated themselves and spending advantage.

    It is apparent that the double standard will not change, one law for all.

    Justin will do anything to stay in power, remember he places himself above the law. As stacking the election in favour of the liberal machine, Justin has appointed Shephane Perrault to be the Chief Electoral Officer, a role ensuring un-bias elections. We wonder why the PC, NDP was not involved in the decision to appoint Shephane Perrault. This shows that this appointment was in favour of the liberal agenda.

    As l question this appointment so does the New Democrats. The Prime Minister;s Office announced the nomination of reportedly Chief Electoral Watchdog Micheal Boda. Boda was not announced publicly, now Justin has nominated Perrault instead.

    This whole 2019 elections stinks like rotten fish, this is only one point the liberal’s have stacked in their favour.
    The rest of this bias report is in the link below.
    This link has more information on Shephane Perrault

    It is beginning to look like no matter what the other parties do or say, Justin will have this election in the bag with his other dirty rotten tricks for misleading Canadians.


    As this title says most of the truth, it is denying accountability for who is forcing the grammar change. When a government has a majority it has the keys to the bank and do as they please.
    Over the last four years the liberal government has guided Elections Canada to build a new data center , as well as making the architecture more secure. Polling stations have been increased, the role of Perrault is to make sure that no misinformation or disinformation about the electoral process. l say spoken like a true liberal.
    We all are aware of the destruction of the freedom to speak, and now to see elections Canada has arrangements with FB and google the greatest destroyers of free speech. This will not end well it is hard to imagine how fair this elections will be.
    The whole article can be viewed in this link.

    The next few links will provide more ways Justin has stacked the deck in the liberals favour.

    By Justin keeping the money in eastern Ontario, is just one more way to secure votes.
    There are so many reasons the Canadian public has lost faith in the elections process,
    In April l have received correspondence from Ottawa regarding the plans Justin has for Canadians as well as Canada. I find this information disturbing, coming from a leader of our country.
    Justin claims that the government comes first and every Canadian comes last.
    Instead of helping Canadians keep their hard earned money, Justin is robbing Canadians with his job killing carbon tax, out of control energy prices, and countless other taxes.
    Instead of keeping Canadians safe from violence from criminals, he decides to punish law abiding gun owners with harsh laws.
    We in Canada need middle class income jobs like the oil sector as well as nation building pipe lines, Justin fails again his idea of good for Canada is to phase out all of the non-green industries. This will not put money into Canadian pockets.
    Shephen Harper has created a strong presence on the world stage, and all it took is 4 years of Justin’s rein to turn Canada into a laugh stock of the world, as well as weakened the ability to negotiate for important trade deals.
    Instead of keeping Canada safe from criminals, he decides to open our borders to the world.
    Then how can we forget the SNC-Lavalin scandal, this we remain in our minds for a long time.

    It is well known that Justin is not Canadian citizen friendly, he has proven this fact over and over in the last four years. Do we want this type of behaviour for the next four years? I don’t.



    This is an open letter to the millenniales. These are the children who were born in the 80’s and the 90’s this generation has been led astray about the reality we all live in.

    The push of the feminist, sjw agenda onto the schools through the help of the governments have changed the morality of society. There has never been a time when people had the right to be entitled to something that was not earned.

    Leaning towards Socialism is saying take my rights away to be comfortable, and have option to be different in status form everyone else. People who understand the different meanings of parties of politics , know that Socialism is a stepping stone to Communism.

    Communism sounds good to the millenniales because they do not take the time to do their research, it is really important to understand the type of government you wish to elect into power. This will be an up to date article about the difference between the political parties.

    In the USA there are the Republicans, Democrats, and the socialist movement.
    Donald Trump has the values of the Republican party
    This political system is free enterprise, freedom to create your own business, as well as being able to become as wealthy as one wishes.

    Hillary Clinton has leaned towards the Democrats, before this fall of the generation of the 90’s it was close to the Republican party, however the last 10 years or so they have moved away from the fairness and freedom to voice ones opinion. Now it has drifted into no-man,s land, never has there been a time when the only thing that is important is to destroy the white civilization .

    Then we come to the party which is only deals in half truths, not that the other one’s speak the truth. The party platform that Bernie Sanders stands on, the majority of the millenniales stand behind. This Socialist party’s agenda is far more sinister than we are being told. Socialism are the first steps towards Communism which is a total of freedom. This is a form of government which has total control over every part of our lives. l am aware of this type of government because my parents lived under this control. The governing body controls speech, food distribution, where you work, and they don’t have paid by the hour, it is all piece work, curfews are the norm, as well as don’t speak out against the government because you will be taken at night never to be seen or heard from again.
    It is not only the US facing this twist of rights, values, morals, but if we look at western way of life in any country, which has whites as the majority of the population. They are all being torn apart by this new way of thinking, as well as the lack of understanding of the political system.
    As of 2014, there are no countries that are pure socialism, which is actually an economic system not a form of government. So if socialism is not what we have been led to believe, then what is the form of government in this case?
    The economies of Cuba, China, and North Korea are mostly government controlled, which is one of the components of socialism. However the government control varies in these countries, if a country has a government that controls health care as well as public education doesn’t mean it is a socialist country. In reality there are no socialist countries left, but the principles are applied in various countries even in Europe.
    At present China is the most socialist country in the world, according to recent survey’s China has become geared towards capitalism. If socialism/ communism is so good then why is China moving towards capitalism?
    The difference between communism and socialism, socialism is a economic system where as communism puts the working class in charge of society as far as the production. Socialism focuses on making everyone’s needs are met.
    Communism creates a society without social class, and under communism everyone receives equal treatment. Communism however can not be voted out of office, it is a system that is violently over thrown by it’s citizens.
    Where socialism votes in regulation as well as taxes, the government allows money to workers and then takes away in taxes. This sounds like the taxing governments around the world. Socialism attempts to work within established political order, even though no country is truly socialist.
    Communism is like democracy or a dictatorship, the working citizens are equally kept poor where as the government is kept rich by the people.
    In 2018 the top 5 countries which are under communist rule

    North Korea
    There are certain aspects of communism which sound, however when the whole picture is seen then this form of government is cruel to it’s people.
    The socioeconomic structure treats everyone equal with access to education, health care, as well as basic human needs. This sounds like the beginning of a fair government, however this is the idea we are focusing on . This system has serious downside giving everyone all the basic needs, creates a nation of lazy citizens as well as being greedy more so than not this results to dictatorship.

    These links will explain the pros as well as the cons.




    Bill C-33 and Bill C-76
    This enactment amends the Canada Elections Act to
    remove limitations on public education and information activities conducted by the Chief Electoral Officer; (a)
    establish a Register of Future Electors in which Canadian citizens 14 to 17 years of age may consent to be included; (b)
    authorize the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to provide the Chief Electoral Officer with information about permanent residents and foreign nationals for the purpose of updating the Register of Electors; (c)
    remove the prohibition on the Chief Electoral Officer authorizing the notice of confirmation of registration (commonly known as a “voter information card”) as identification; (d)
    replace, in the context of voter identification, the option of attestation for residence with an option of vouching for identity and residence; (e)
    remove two limitations on voting by non-resident electors: the requirement that they have been residing outside Canada for less than five consecutive years, and the requirement that they intend to return to Canada to resume residence in the future; and (f)
    relocate the Commissioner of Canada Elections to within the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, and provide that the Commissioner is to be appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer, after consultation with the Director of Public Prosecutions, for a non-renewable term of 10 years. (g)
    In addition, the enactment contains transitional provisions and makes consequential amendments to other Acts.

    The sponsor of this bill is none other than Maryam Monsef, we know who this person is the one who lied on her citizenship to gain access to Canada.
    It is no surprise that the social media giants, jumped at the chance to be involved in the Canadian elections.
    When elections Canada announced “ the digital charter” google,face book , twitter, and micro-soft jumped at the chance to join. What would we call this, when elections Canada which is under the control the government is involving the social media to influence young voters to vote for in this case the liberals.
    They have spent 650 million dollars to sway the public to vote for them, this is called election meddling. We know the track record of the liberal government with the truth as well as their transparency of funds, we also are aware of the social media’s record for spreading lies and fake news.
    If this is allowed by the Canadian public, it will go down as the most corrupted elections in Canadian history.
    Canadians who are registered and receive a voter card are more informed about their options, whereas younger voters are less likely to take the time to vote. This is the primary reason for the digital campaign focused on the younger voters, this is not acceptable because of the bias views both by the liberals and social media.
    Elections Canada under the guidance of the liberal government states they are trying to reach the young voters.




    A. Man has created an impending climate catastrophe and the only solution is greater taxation.
    B. Male and female are “social constructs” which a person can opt out of by proclamation.
    C. Unfettered international migration will help bring world peace.
    D. Masculine traits are toxic.
    E. All white people have unearned privilege which is only visible to non-white people.
    F. The collective will decide what information any individual may see, hear, read, or view.
    G. Free speech is an out-dated concept-we should strive for Politically Correct speech.
    H. Violence should be condemned at all times but violence is sometimes necessary to prevent the utterance of certain words.
    I. Children should be exposed to graphic sexual language as early as possible in order to protect them from perverts.
    J. Islam is a religion of peace which does not suppress women or children.
    K. Donald John Trump is a dangerous, racist maniac.
    L. Any attempt to deny any of the above will result in the immediate declaration of the individual as a Suppressive Person
    This is what they call being Politically Correct—————“AKA LEFTISM”
    This will be the world to come ,if the left is allowed to force this twisted ideology onto every citizen who believes in freedom to,
    Teach your children to tell the truth.
    Pray to your GOD.
    The right to hear the truth from the news media, as well as speak it.
    The are so many points l can bring up in this post, but this will show that all of our rights for everything we grew up with is being erased.

    Definition of politically correct
    : conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated

    The democrats are the brother to the liberal government we have in Canada, this in why Trump won in 2016 and this is why the liberal government will be elected out in 2019. The loss of the values are all but gone under these two governments they have forced upon the citizens in both the US as well as Canada.

    If their idea of being politically correct would involve everyone citizens as well as non-citizens it would be widely accepted, however this is not the case. It is a one sided ideology focused on destroying the two countries.

    This is not what our founding fathers rights for our countries had in mind, we who have not been swayed by the twisted ideology of the two parties, who are bent on destroying these great countries.
    It is an up hill battle to defeat the treasonous behaviour of the left, and we should not allow this type of behaviour from our government, nor should any citizens of any country.

    Citizens who believe in the laws of our fore fathers must stand to-getter against this hate for the peaceful citizens.

    Where is the protection for the law abiding citizens?
    Where is our freedom to speak?
    Where is our right to our religion?
    l see our right to be a peaceful nation being stripped from our laws, and replaced with hate, chaos, acceptance of unrealistic laws, accepting people who will do us harm.

    Open boarders never worked at anytime in history, why would it work now? Flooding North America with people who hate us is not productive or healthy for a strong country. It is evident that all this will cause is a country of hatred.

    It started in Germany in 1923, from a think tank. It was called The Institute of Social Research this was only to hide the true name tagged to politically correctness, which was The Institute of Marxism.
    The bottom line for Marxism “Communism” was the idea that the full effects come from the social group of the masses, single person is nothing. The ideology of twisting the Western Society with a flood of Marxist beliefs, to destroy North America from the inside. They focused on chipping away at the rights of the people who are rejecting their core values. The attact started with changing the speech as well as the thoughts, saying your beliefs are disrespectful must be stopped to make up for the past injustices of the whites. This meant that they had to through out common sense and force their way of thinking upon us. They had to come up with something that would sound good and be accepted by everyday people, it was decided they would call it “Political Correctness.”
    We all know that this way of thinking is not in line with values or morals, it could only be something cooked up by the left. In 1933 when Hitler took over Germany, the leftist Institute moved to the US.

    This link will explain this problem more in depth.

    It is turning into a world where feelings is the driver for society, and this will not be good for anyone who wants a strong as well as a healthy country. For years now the left has focused on destroying the history in North America starting with the statues of the founding fathers, to where we see the wording being changed in the dictionary, schools books, Bibles.
    This adds to the weakness of society whereas logic is the driver of a healthy economy. It is hard to have a conversation with a liberal and understand the logic, there is none. The left says that being politically correct is good for the world, however all this does is remove our right to speak freely.


    The rape culture double standard destroys the meaning of the word rape, as well as the impact of the crime in other words waters down the destruction of a life. Is this what we want, the demeaning of the violence of rape?
    Rape Culture is a sociological CONCEPT for a setting in which RAPE is normalized, behaviours such as victim blaming, slut shaming, this type of people who push rape culture are twisted as well as having a loss of feelings for a crime which destroys a life. Why are we in agreement with this sick ideology.
    Wiki-pedia says that rape culture was developed by second wave feminism, in the US beginning in the 70’s. L disagree with the idea, l do agree it is feminism as well as the ME TOO movement however it was the third wave which started at the turn of the century. Although there are cultures where rape is pervasive, the idea of a rape culture can imply that the rapist is not at fault but rather the society that enables rape. This is the degrading of western society, and we let this garbage happen. As of late there is a watering down as well as the double standard between men and women.
    We are pushed into believing that western society is surrounded by rape culture brought on by the feminist’s with the backing of the government. When we look into the meaning of rape culture we find confusing meanings. The left idea of the feminist and the definition of what these two words mean.
    In a rape culture, we do not have control over our bodies.
    This is not the case in the western world, because we know women have a right to their own bodies
    In a rape culture, people are surrounded with images, language, laws, and other everyday phenomena that validates and perpetuate, rape.
    This is also not the case, so with feminism saying rape culture and the government backing them up would make them all spreaders of fear, as well as lies.
    Rape culture includes jokes, Tv, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words as well as imagery, that makes sexual violence and coercion seem so normal that people believe rape is inevitable.
    It is also part of the rape culture to expose children 4 years old to be paraded as sexy, cross dressing with full make-up for the boys, and this is called as normal. The confusing of our youth is sickening and what is even worse is that the parents are pushing this ideology. This is not how a healthy society is produced it can only end up for the worse.

    The words rape culture has nothing in common with rape, it is more to do with degrading men who stand up for what is right and fair. It was all started by the feminist, social justice, backed by the liberal government, who also implemented the double standard for the liberal feminists.
    This agenda is far reaching to cover the me-too, gender changes, abusing children, allowing Muslims to rape white women , this just pushes white men to keep to themselves and not interact with women as well as the government. The push to place all blame on white men has changed society to the point where it is a crime to look at a woman.
    The changing of the way we think has been altered to the point where it will never be the way it used to be, all because certain groups find it impossible to heal with their emotions. It is not a world where we can laugh and joke around, this behaviour will have us charged all for looking at the lighter side of life. Since when is this a crime?
    This attack on our emotions has far reaching implications for our youth, it weakens males so they are sensitive like women who are very emotional. This makes weak men, l would not even call these men they are more female than male as far as the way they think.
    Lately the food we eat and the water we drink has been tainted with mind as well as emotion changing drugs. These drugs have been poured into our water systems as well as the food we eat way back from the 90’s, this gives a clearer picture of how long this forced change on men without our consent. l call this the destruction of men, we will never regain our strength as well as our clear thinking until we put a stop to this madness.
    This brings the second part of this article, the double standard every where we look it seems like anyone who disagrees with the agenda are judged by a different set of laws. This has torn this country apart, on one side the ones who push for the destruction of the thinking man and the other side who hate the man of the past, and they force their ideology upon us.
    This will destroy the next few generations of boys and men, until the water, food, and air have diluted the poisons we are all in danger of being changed without our control.
    Below are a few links dating years in the past to expose the poisons we are being fed.
    As we can see there is a lot of information out there that seems to say close to the same thing, there is also many people out there who twist the truth to make it sound like it is not the case. However l did know a friend years ago who under gone 2 operations for having enlarged breasts, he past away some years ago from breast cancer, for a masculine this is not right he was 38 when he was taken.
    Some may say this can not be but it is around us more so now than years ago.


    Chemicals commonly found in food wrapping, makeup and baby powders are having a gender-bending effect – feminizing male populations of wildlife and humans, a scientific report reveals.
    “This research shows the basic male tool kit is under threat,” says author Gwynne Lyons, a former health adviser to the British government.
    Lyons’ report draws on 250 studies examining the effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals.
    Swan study shows that baby boys born to women exposed to these chemicals during pregnancy are born with an array of problems from a decrease in penis size and feminized genitals.
    Phthalate compounds are widely used in the western world and it is affecting men to a degree that we are un-aware of, partly because the labelling is not adequate to warn us of the dangers.
    Phthalate’s is a common name for this list of chemical compounds listed below.
    These compounds are found in plastic goods, containers for food storage, toys, medical devices, as well as in cosmetics, personal care products, paints, varnishes, printing inks. The list of chemicals will be absorbed through the skin as well as injestion it is in our food, water.
    The laws for the containment of such destructive chemicals is seen as not important enough to have guide lines for proper disposal. The production, transportation, manufacturing of goods, improperly stored, causes it to be released into the soil, water, air.
    The results of many studies focused on the concentration of these chemicals in human tissue.
    For example, DEHP, DEP and DBP were detected at levels of 5.71 mg/L in blood serum, of 0.30 mg/L in semen and of 0.72 mg/kg in fat samples.
    This site will give a safe daily dosage for the chemical compounds listed above.

    Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate
    The critical toxic effects of DEHP relate to reproduction. A 3-generation reproductive study in which DEHP was administered to rats in the diet gave a NOAEL of 4.8 mg/kg bw/day for testicular and developmental toxicity. A TDI of 0.05 mg/kg bw/day, based on this NOAEL, and the default uncertainty factor of 100, was established for DEHP by EFSA and is supported by SCHER.

    Di-isononyl phthalate
    Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) is a mixture of esters of o-phthalic acid with C8-C10 (C9 rich) alkyl alcohols. These alcohols can be obtained by different processes, yielding different ratios of chain length and branching distribution, which result in different DINP types. Presently, 2 different DINP types are used (CAS 68515-48-0 and CAS 28553-12-0). These DINP mixtures are considered together. Previously, a group TDI of 0.15 mg/kg bw/day (with di-isodecyl phthalate – (DINP + DIDP), was based on peroxisome proliferation in rodent liver, but peroxisome proliferation in rodents is not relevant for humanrisk assessment. In a 2-generation reproductive toxicity study with DINP, NOAELs of 500 mg/kg bw/day and 622 mg/kg bw/day were established for minor developmental effects and decreases in live birth and survival indices, respectively. The pivotal toxicological effects for DINP are hepatic changes. Using the NOAEL of 15 mg/kg bw/day for non-peroxisome proliferation-related chronic hepatic and renal effects and an uncertainty factor of 100, a TDI of 0.15 mg/kg bw/day was derived.

    Di-isodecyl phthalate
    There also are two different di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP) products with different CAS numbers (68515-49-1 and 26761-40-0). The two phthalates are considered fully interchangeable and are considered together. There is no indication of reproductive organ effects for DIDP evidenced in repeated dose toxicity studies. In a 13-week oral study in dogs, a NOAEL of 15 mg/kg bw/day could be derived. Based on the liver effects in dogs (considered as a non-sensitive species to peroxisome proliferation) with a NOAEL of 15 mg/kg bw/day, a lowest overall NOAEL of 15 mg/kg bw/day could be considered. No TDIfor DIDP is available, but low concern can be derived when exposures are below 0.15 mg/kg bw/day (MOE > 100).

    The results of several acute- and intermediate-duration oral studies in rodents indicate that the potential of di-n-octyl phthalate (DNOP) to cause adverse reproductive and developmental effects is low. Unlike other phthalate esters such as DEHP, DNOP does not appear to affect testicular function or morphology (Hardin et al. 1987; Heindel et al. 1989). Observed hepatic effects in intermediate duration studies consisted of a statistically significant increase in hepatic ethoxyresorufin-0-deethylase activity andhistological changes in hepatic architecture. Thyroid toxicity was also noted at this concentration. No chronic oral TDI is available for DNOP.

    Benzylbutyl phthalate
    A NOAEL of benzylbutyl phthalate (BBP) of 20 mg/kg bw/day for developmental effects was observed in a 2-generation study in rats (Nagao et al., 2000) based on a decreased body weight in offspring at the LOAEL of 100 mg/kg bw/day. The NOAEL for effects on reproductive organs was 100 mg/kg bw/day. A NOAEL of 50 mg/kg bw/day for developmental effects was also observed in a second 2-generation study (Tyl et al., 2004). Therefore, a TDI of 0.5 mg/kg bw/day based on a reduction of anogenital distance in the F1 and F2 generation with a LOAEL of 250 mg/kg bw/day was derived for BBP.

    Di-n-butyl phthalate
    The male reproductive system is also a main target of di-n-butyl phthalate (DNBP) toxicity with a NOAEL(50 mg/kg) and a LOAEL (100 mg/kg) for DNBP-effects on male reproductive development in the F1 generation (Mylchreest et al. 2000). In a 2- generation rat study, a LOAEL of 52 mg/kg for embryotoxicity in the F2-generation was observed.

    Di-isobutyl phthalate
    DIBP, after giving rats high doses of 600 mg/kg bw/day day from gestational day (GD) 7 to either GD 19 or GD 20/21, induced testicular and developmental effects similar to DBP and DEHP. However, since no dose response was assessed, further developmental and postnatal studies are needed to characterize the reproductive effects of DIBP and derive a NOAEL for risk assessment (Borch et al. 2006). A TDItherefore has not been defined.

    Has it just been me who questions the amount of men who are changing their sex? We need to wake up and educate ourselves about issues like this as well as the other dirty tricks, we are being treated like lab rats and l for one do not agree.
    The longer this behavior is allowed to continue the worse off men will be, as it is now men don’t want to be men any more because they are being poisoned from the inside. Men already have been weakened to the point that they are scared to stand up for their right to be a man, so many act like women as well as having the emotions.
    We as the male speices are being weakened, there is a purpose for the drug companies, the government, as well as the ones who hold the world in their tight grip. If men are as weak physically as well as emotionally as women it is easier for the government to control all of the citizens.
    If there ever was a time to be RED PILLED it would be now, we need not confuse being red pilled with the medias perception of men against women. This is not the whole truth about the red pill, the red pilled citizens are the ones who are awake to what is being done to us by the governments, drug companies, your neighbors.
    l will leave several links below for people to be able to understand how bad this problem is facing us as men. The best thing l can suggest because of the wide spread chemical battle we face is to, try and stay away from plastics, buy products in glass as well as foods wrapped in brown paper, this will help some what. In other words we need to choose carefully how we shop.

    Information on how to feminize men







    Years into the liberal infrastructure program.
    When Trudeau took office as prime minister later that fall, the spending plan became a centrepiece of his mandate, totalling a mammoth $186.7 billion over 12 years.
    That enormous pool of money came alongside lofty ambitions: It would reinvigorate Canada’s aging roadways and bridges, expand public transit, build green energy assets and widen access to social housing in the North, among other things. The plan amounts to roughly $5,186 for every Canadian citizen over the next decade. The C.D. Howe Institute, a think tank, called the program one of the biggest infrastructure commitments in Canadian history.
    Three years later, however, the program has fulfilled few of its lofty ambitions. The initial rollout of the program was hobbled by delays, forcing Department of Finance officials to push billions worth of planned spending into the future. Ottawa’s budget watchdog found gaping holes in how spending was being tracked and reported, revealing a program that seems to lack organization and transparency.
    A June 2017 study by the Senate National Finance Committee said it was “troubled by the fact that there is no one federal department accountable to Parliament for this $186 billion program,” and that it was “difficult to understand” why many agencies and departments would fail to report spending details.
    “There were just so many gaps that one expert essentially said it was as though they were being purposely non-transparent,” said Azfar Ali Khan, director at the IFSD.
    According to Infrastructure Canada’s public database, most of those reporting gaps have since been filled — with the exception of a still-missing $700-million that is largely due to an ongoing failure by two agencies, Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, to report details of their spending.


    Bill –16
    This bill pushes homosexuality across the world by the liberal party.
    February 2019 Justin will spend $30 million over the next 5 years to push the homosexual and gender identity agenda in developing countries.
    But that is only the beginning.
    After that, Canadians will fork over $10 million every year as long as the liberal’s are in power, to advance the homosexual agenda.
    The non-stop multimillion dollar homosexual promotion fund is intended to “ further the aims of the Feminist Assistance Policy.”
    Adopted in June 2017, Justin’s government (FIAP) The Feminist International Assistance Policy has as a key goal, the promotion of global legal abortion.
    The liberals earmarked $650 million over three years in March 2017 to push abortion in the developing world as well as where the unborn child is protected.
    Bill—16, adds “gender expression”, “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code as well as the Criminal Code’s hate crime section.
    To respectfully express your views, contact:
    Marie-Claude Bibeau
    Minister for International Development
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    K1A 0A6
    Telephone: 613-995-2024
    Email: Marie-Claude.Bibeau@parl.gc.ca
    Chrystia Freeland
    Minister for Global Affairs
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario Canada
    K1A 0A6
    Telephone: Telephone: 613-992-5234
    Email: Chrystia.Freeland@parl.gc.ca
    For contact information on your MP, go here.
    Millions in party political donations unaccounted for.
    Nearly $3 million in donations disappeared into the liberal accounting loop hole that only parliament can close.
    Jusitn is using marijuana bill to fundraise
    Less than a day after Parliament adopted recreational marijuana, Justin started using it’s passage to raise funds.
    Liberals funding $595 million for CBC.
    The federal government unveiled a $595- million dollar package over the next 5 years to help CBC, as well as tax breaks to fund the production of original content.
    The media should be independent of the government, Justin’s bail-out of CBC this is dangerous for unbias news reporting.

    Party and Elections Finance Laws

    The Government Spent $330,000 Funding A Sky News Program
    Liberals pay $31.3 million to Canadian men tortured in Syria
    Almalki documents reveal Canadian Authorities were unsure of evidence. Newly released documents show that an RCMP national security team described Ottawa’s Abdullah as an imminent threat and an “ important member” of al-Qaida.

    It is clear that Justin has no idea what he is doing, it seems that he is a puppet who is controlled by the United Nations as well as the Elites. When we see him answer any question with the same answer it seems like he is reading a script. No other prime minister has ever been this irresponsible with the affairs of a country.
    Any leader who goes out of their way to destabilize the economic fabric of a country is called a traitor. Under the law this is treason.
    Treason is–In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one’s nation or sovereign.

    Stepping back to 2006 one group was spared life in prison because they were Muslim, reports like this have haunted Canadian citizens making them feel unsafe in their country.
    In chronic denial: Police, courts and Parliament

    During the press conference held by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announcing the arrests of the Toronto 18, the police spokesperson emphasized that those arrested “represented a broad strata of Canadian society.” The Toronto Star went even further and claimed it would be “difficult to find a common denominator among them.” There seemed to be an almost desperate attempt to deny the reality that all of the men allegedly involved were Muslims and that many of them had attended the same mosque in Toronto. Several media reports suggested the “would-be” bombers were simply misguided youth who were not capable of carrying through with their terrorist plans. Again, it was not thought appropriate to charge these men with treason, and the media and – sadly – even our security forces appeared determined to show there was no link to radical Islam.
    Our reluctance to charge terrorists with treason is symptomatic of a larger problem inhibiting Canada from confronting and dealing forcefully with radical Islamists and their dreams of establishing Muslim hegemony throughout the world. The almost-sacred status afforded the twin pillars of multiculturalism and diversity has blinded our intellectual elite and politicians to the obvious dangers of this menace. Despite warnings by prominent Canadians Muslims such as Rashid Manji, Tarek Fatah and Salim Mansur and despite the overwhelming evidence that radical Islamists have repeatedly committed outrageous acts of violence and terror in almost every part of the globe, there is a disturbing denial in the media, government and the academic institutions of Canada to acknowledge that we have a serious problem. Political correctness has forestalled any attempt to design sensible programs aimed at combating the spread of this threat.

    The Khawaja affair was not an isolated incident. In June 2006, 18 Canadian Muslims from 15 to 43 years old were accused of plotting a series of terrorist activities that included bombing attacks against the CBC, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the headquarters of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Parliament buildings, as well as kidnapping and beheading the Prime Minister and other political leaders. Five members of the group pleaded guilty to belonging to a terrorist organization and of planning to detonate bombs. They were sentenced from seven to 14 years’ imprisonment. Seven had their charges dropped or stayed.

    It is not only Justin who has steered Canada down this path of Canada’s destruction, this open border policy has never worked.
    Stephen Harper had a petition to have him charged with treason, link below.


    The lies from the prime minister has reached a new low, involving ministers who are only interested in doing their job. However the interference of Trudeau sends a clear message, as we see the ministers who do not agree with Trudeau’s agenda resign, Wilson- Raybould, and then Gerald Butts we will see who else will resign from Ottawa being so close to the elections in November.
    With the resignation of Wilson-Raybould seems to over shadow the liberal mastermind to hand in his resignation, all the liberal’s say is nothing to see here move along. This could be the death blow for the elections.
    Is this going to be the downfall of another Canadian company. Former CEO Pierre Duhaime pleaded guilty in the bribery scandal surrounding a Montreal hospital, as well as the RCMP charged others connected for paying out nearly $48 million in bribes to Libyan officials. The period from 2001 to 2011 they also defrauded the country $129 million dollars. They also were illegally funnelling up to $100,000 to the liberal party between 2004 and 2011.
    Government officials and Lavalin lobbyists decided the best way to stay clean is to alter the criminal code into their favour, “ Deferred Prosecution Agreements” for the 2018 Budget. This is not the Canada that is fair and equal for everyone. This is changing the rules in favour of the people that have the most to lose.
    The most damning evidence for the Trudeau government, sign and share


    Wikipedia’s definition of democratic country:
    Democracy, in modern usage, has three senses all for a system of government where the citizens exercise power by voting. In a direct democracy, the citizens as a whole form a governing body, and vote directly on each issue, e.g. on the passage of a particular tax law.
    Looking into the election process it seems that Canada is far from being a democratic country, so we need to ask what party do we fall under Trudeau’s government.
    Liberalism is as close to what the liberal government stands for, politically they believe that government should be active in supporting social and political change. Sounds innocent enough however this way of thinking is hazardous to Canada as a whole.
    Trudeau wasted $83,000 dollars of Canadian funds to see how many Canadians agree with open borders, it has back fired on them 92% of Canadians say “NO’ to open borders. Instead of allowing our voice to be heard and listening to the people who voted them in he decides to call us racist for not wanting open borders. It is clear that we don’t live in a democratic country.


    It is well known that for a country to be economically sound as well as the citizens to be safe, open borders will not make our country strong, it is suicide for the liberal government to follow this line of thought.


    Justin Trudeau’s stance on open borders:

    As the cost of Justin Trudeau’s failure to end illegal border crossings continues to rise, he’s desperate to try and create a divide between Canadian Citizens and Legal Immigrants.
    Trudeau – and much of the establishment media – are doing that by purposely trying to make legal and illegal immigration seem like the same things, referring to it all as ‘immigration’ and ‘migration.’
    This is being done so that Trudeau can falsely claim anyone against illegal immigration is also against legal immigration, and he wants to use that messaging to win the support of people who came to Canada legally.




    We are asking questions of our government and they refuse to give us a straight answer, so we are left to draw our own conclusions in this matter. The UNRWA is under the umbrella of the United Nations and they both have ties to Hamas a terrorist group, Hamas was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, they are also part of Al-Queda.
    To get a clearer understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood there needs to some back ground. The Brotherhood dates back to the Babylonian times, the population grew stronger over the centuries until 1500 years ago.
    It is all to do with the blood lines dating back thousands of years, there is two blood lines one is the Brotherhood who were the elites or the masters of the rest of the citizens, their belief is involved with the dragon as their god which we know as being evil. The other bloodline is the rest of us who want only peace and harmony with nature as well as God.
    In fact the resonance of corroborating evidence from science and metaphysics has a sychronicity that is nothing short of astonishing. Now we end up with the book of Enoch, as well as the 100 or so forbidden books of the Bible.
    By this point in history the dragon god bloodline clinged to the middle east, this time period set the stage for the birth of Mohammad. The Muslim racism and anti-semitism was adopted in that era. There was no peace with the rest of the known world, people either accepted their faith or were put to death.
    During that time 1400 years ago more than 580 slave raids into the European countries and lasted for more than 1000 years, the Muslim propaganda spread throughout Eurpoe and was adopted by Hitler.
    The Muslim hatred targeted the Jewish people and the non-Muslims to please as well as obey Allah, this was the founding strategy of the Palestinians.
    The Brotherhood is Hamas with extreme views of religion and a hatred for anyone who doesn’t bow to Allah, as well as accept the teachings of the Koran. Hamas provides social care and schooling for children only if the parents sign an oath of allegiance.
    Indoctrination of anti-semitism as well as extremism with the glorification of suicide martyrdoom is commonly taught to children by Hamas.
    Isreal, USA, EU, and Japan classify Hamas as terrorist organization, while all Arab nations, Russia, and Turkey do not.
    Australia—Hamas is listed as a terrorist group.
    Canada—–Also lists Hamas as a terror group.
    EU.———- Has black listed Hamas since 2003.
    Isreal——–Hamas maintains a terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, and carries out terror attacks on Isreal.
    Japan——–In 2005 they froze all assets of all terrorist organizations including Hamas.
    Jordan—— Banned Hamas in 1999, now wants to resettle leadership in Jordan.
    Norway—- Knows Hamas from 2007 consisting of both Hamas and Fatah.
    Russia—— Does not designat Hamas as a terror group.
    Turkey—— Describes them as freedom fighters.
    USA.——— Lists Hamas as a foreign terrorist organization.
    It is said that Canada sees Hamas as a terror group but the Liberal government keeps sending them millions every year. We Canadians are aware that we can not depend on our government to right the wrongs that are being carried out, it is up to us as citizens to say no more.


    It may surprise Canadians that the oil we consume is not local oil production. The liberal government says no to the pipe line to the west coast, we are asking why? It appears that Justin is buying oil behind our backs from countries around the world, at the same time wanting us to believe his fantasy about a green Canada.
    This issue with the lies about spending Canadian funds to have a greener Canada we all see as a lie from the Liberal government who are just pupets of the United Nations. We are concerned about the New World Order it has begun, however it is not the what we are told. What we hear about the NWO and the One World Religion are on the way to be implemented, first they must destroy the system we have in place now.
    Our oil that comes from Alberta is only 4.25 million barrels a day, it is not even close to the consumption of Canada this was the amount in 2009 by 2014 this amount has dropped to 2.37 and has dropped even more since then. Canadian oil production has been growing steadily since 2009, thanks largely to expansion of the Alberta oil sands. Canada produced topped 4.25 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil and petroleum products by the end of 2014, an increase of 8% from the previous year.
    Canadian oil consumption is a different story. Numbers have been relatively flat in recent years, and actually declined 0.5% in 2014 to approximately 2.37 million bpd. That leaves Canada with a surplus of just under 2 million bpd, which is predicted to rise over the next decade.

    These figures come from Oil Sands Magazine another global company.
    With all this extra oil sloshing around this country, Canada should be energy-independent and should have no need for crude oil imports. But logistical bottlenecks and political constraints make it difficult to move oil produced in Alberta to the refining hubs in southern Ontario and Quebec, resulting in a serious import/export imbalance.
    Most Canadian already know that we import over 800,000 bpd of crude oil and refined products from the US, who similarly face their own logistical and political constraints. But other sources of Canadian oil imports are not as well advertised. Canada imports over 350,000 bpd of oil from Russia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, transported by tanker from overseas into Quebec, Ontario and East Coast refineries. This is more than double the oil exported from Canada to Europe and Asia.

    This is the total exports to Canada, not including 2.37 milliom barrels of oil from Alberta.

    This is the total amount we export, this is not a good balance for Canada.
    A big part of the imbalance is the fact that oil export by tanker faces serious opposition from environmental groups, who have expressed little concern over the harmful effects of oil presently imported by tanker. Ironically, if oil produced in Western Canada could be pipelined to Eastern Canada, the need for more expensive oil imports from overseas would drop to zero, and all those tankers coming through the Gulf of St. Lawrence could be completely eliminated. Food for thought.

    So the few refineries scattered across the country have to supply a wide variety of customers, many with different requirements. But where are these refineries and how big are they? Using the latest figures from the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute and the Conference Board of Canada, they are as follows:
    • Irving Oil, Saint John, N.B., 300,000
    • Ultramar, Levis, Que., 265,000
    • Imperial Oil, Edmonton, 185,000
    • Suncor, Edmonton, 135,000
    • Suncor, Montreal, 130,000
    • Imperial Oil, Nanticoke, Ont., 120,000
    • Imperial Oil, Sarnia, Ont., 120,000
    • North Atlantic Refining, Come-By-Chance, Nfld., 115,000
    • Shell, Scotford, Alta., 100,000
    • Consumers’ Co-Op, Regina, Sask., 100,000
    • Imperial Oil, Dartmouth, N.S.; 89,000
    • Suncor, Sarnia, Ont., 85,000
    • Nova, Sarnia, Ont.; 78,000
    • Shell, Sarnia, Ont., 75,000
    • Chevron, Burnaby, B.C., 55,000
    • Husky, Lloydminster, Ata., 29,000
    • Suncor, Mississauga, Ont., 15,600
    • Moose Jaw Refining, Moose Jaw, Sask., 14,000
    • Husky, Prince George, B.C., 12,000.

    Virtually all of the crude oil used in refineries west of Sarnia comes from Canada. Because of the vast distances involved, costs, complexities and environment issues in running pipelines across this country, crude oil used in the eastern refineries comes from offshore, a limited amount from Canada’s offshore wells, but the majority comes from foreign countries.
    The sources of the foreign oil are: Algeria (17,942 cubic metres per day), United Kingdom-North Sea (15,370), Nigeria (11,835), Norway (11,483), Saudi Arabia (10,922), Iraq (6,376), Venezuela (4,218), Mexico (4,089), United States (1,857) and 29,999 cubic metres a day is purchased on the open market from other sources.
    #journalism Trudeau #Foreign oil

    Where your gas comes from
    The few refineries scattered across Canada supply a wide variety of customers, many with different requirements



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